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Unhappy with how long you spend in front of a mirror perfecting your lips? With semi-permanent lip colour, your natural beauty can be enhanced with fuller-looking lips that stay looking perfect all day and night.

As we age, our lips shrink and lose their natural shape. By using cleverly chosen colours and techniques, I can help revitalise your lips to leave you feeling more confident while spending less time in the mirror. Whether it be plumper, fuller or just a natural appearance, I aim to achieve your best look and the outcome you have been dreaming of.    

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Treatment Details

Your Consultation

All treatments require a consultation first, which includes a patch test. During the consultation , we will discuss your treatment in detail, including the shape of your lips, colour you desire and technique used.


The Treatment

Your initial treatment will take up to 2 hours where your lips will be shaped according to your consultation. Following this, a touch-up treatment is required around 4-5 weeks later for the best results.

Recovery Time

You may experience some discomfort for the first few hours after your semi-permanent make-up treatment, but this should pass quickly. The treatment area will take 3-10 days to heal, and your lips may appear flaky or crusty for up to 1 week following the treatment.

Clients who have suffered from cold sores (herpes simplex) can experience symptoms of the infection after treatment. Antiviral medication has been shown to prevent or minimise such outbreaks.


The colour intensity will typically fade 30%-60% after the first treatment, which is why I recommend a touch-up treatment 4-5 weeks later. Results will typically last 12-18 months before a top-up is required.


All semi-permanent lip colour procedures are a very low-risk treatment. All clients are provided with aftercare instructions which will allow you to enjoy your new lips without complications.

For more information about our semi permanent lip colour Wirral service, please call 07388 554913.

Getting semi permanent lip colour treatment wirral image

Getting semi permanent lip colour treatment wirral image