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Semi-Permanent Eyebrows - Wirral brows

Your eyebrows frame your face, so it's important to get the perfect shape. Some clients may need balancing, have thin eyebrows or are generally fed up of drawing them on - whatever your reason, a unique brow will be created for your individual needs. 

Eyebrow tattooing is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatments in my clinic. Book a free consultation today to see how I can transform yours.

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Find out how I can give your brows a natural shape that perfectly frames your face. Book a free consultation at the clinic today!

Treatment Details

Your Consultation

All treatments require a consultation first, which includes a patch test. During the consultation, we will discuss your treatment in detail, including your brow shape, colour, thickness and stroke type. 

The Treatment
Your initial treatment will take 2 hours, where your brows will be shaped according to your consultation. Following this, a touch-up treatment is normally required around 4 weeks later for the best results.

Recovery Time

There may be some reddening of the area, and a small amount of discomfort for the first hour or two. However, in most cases my clients are fully back to normal later the same day, and completely recovered within a week.


The pigmentation will take a couple of weeks to fully settle in, so I ask clients to return to the clinic around 4 weeks after treatment to have their eyebrows touched up. Once this is done, the results will last for around a year before any further touch-up is required. 


Semi-permanent eyebrows are a very low-risk treatment. All clients are provided with aftercare instructions which will allow you to enjoy your new eyebrows without complications.  

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